I’ve Lost Myself

After this last year of COVID and becoming a mom, I’m having a hard time finding who I am. I have historically been a pretty self-aware person. I am aware of my flaws and can allow myself to see my strengths. (Sometimes) I can feel myself in a group of people and seen how toContinue reading “I’ve Lost Myself”


Holding on to Guilt

Can I talk to you about Mom guilt? It might be a phrase you have heard before, but let me paint a picture of what it is looking like in my life. My dear, sweet daughter takes the worst naps. I do everything I can to get her to sleep well. Dark room, white noise,Continue reading “Holding on to Guilt”

Need for Connection

This year has had me question so much. Pregnancy was exhausting, humbling and frustrating. COVID has left little room for taking a breath. Parenthood has taken away my control and restructured my life. There is one theme I have felt deeply for years that has come to a peak. There has been a lack ofContinue reading “Need for Connection”

Aspen Leaves

I did one of my favorite things a few weeks ago. I went up to the mountains to look at the aspen leaves that have changed to yellow. It’s a big event for us here in Colorado and I have always relished the beauty that fall brings here. Now this year we had a crankyContinue reading “Aspen Leaves”

Many Days Like This

Today was not my best parenting day. It’s not because I snapped or got too emotional or really anything that bad. But I know that I want on my A-game. I’m still so freshly new to this parenting thing. I’m surprised I haven’t gotten to this place sooner. I know that there will be manyContinue reading “Many Days Like This”

Day 5 as a Mother

I have really dreaded being a mother. To have a little being that I’m responsible for, that needs ME all day long. It made all of my selfishness shine. But here I am. Day 5 of it, and it’s not even like I made a choice. I just became what I am. My sweet babyContinue reading “Day 5 as a Mother”


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